We expect payment at time of service and accept cash, checks, credit cards, and care credit.

Farm Call to drive to your farm:  $55 for most areas.  If you have an emergency, there is an emergency fee in addition to the farm call.

Hourly rate:  $150/hr with a 30 minute minimum.  This means that a basic, 30-minute visit would be $130 and a 1-hour visit would be $205.

Materials and supplies are billed separately from the veterinarian’s time.

2018 Spring Price list for Equine Annual Visits

Annual vaccinations for cattle, small ruminants, and camelids vary by region and use of the animals. For basic backyard livestock, annual vaccinations will run about $10 for goats and sheep, and about $45 per animal for camelids if we are vaccinating against EEE/WEE/WNV, or $10 for tetanus/Clostridial diseases and rabies only. Hoof trimming is available for small ruminants and camelids.

Raw Milk Sales in Vermont are tethered to laws that require brucellosis and tuberculosis testing, as well as an annual rabies vaccine. Tuberculosis testing requires two visits (injection and reading of the injection site.) We charge a $55 farm charge and $150/hr with a min 30 minute farm call fee. This is $130 for a basic, 30 minute visit. TB testing requires two visits so you would have two basic 30 minute visits. Brucellosis is $7.10 per animal with $30 for postage to Cornell. Rabies vaccines are $7.20 per animal. We can test 1-20 animals in 30 minutes, depending on restraint. If we have to catch them each from the pasture, it takes longer than if they are all tied and the owner can help restrain them. For 10 animals that are caught and reasonably restrained, it would cost about $410 to get all animals into compliance with raw milk sales requirements.

Emergency fees for daytime, evening, night, and weekend emergencies vary from $25-$150. If we can accommodate your daytime emergency in my schedule, we will not charge you an emergency fee.