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Prevention and Management of Equine Metabolic Syndrome

Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS) Prevention and Treatment.   Horses with signs of EMS usually need to lose weight.  Hay nets are really valuable tools in promoting weight loss.  You should talk to your vet, of course, but generally horses fed 1.5% of their ideal weight in hay will lose weight.  You may need to adjust […]

How to be a doula for your farm animals.

How to be a Livestock Doula:   Lot’s of clients call with questions about birthing farm animals and many want to try and help their without having the vet out.  It is always safest and recommended to call your large animal veterinarian for assistance with difficult deliveries.  That said, below are some basic guidelines and […]

Basic Forage Analysis Considerations (Hay Analysis.)

Basic Forage Analysis Considerations (Hay Analysis.) Dry matter (DM) should be evaluated, not the “as tested” or “total” value. CP crude protein. Horses need 9-15% depending on life stage and work. Protein is also an indication of hay quality. A good grass hay should have 12% CP of the dry matter. NSC = Non-structural carbs […]

Tips on Buying Young Calves to Raise for Beef

Purchasing young calves from dairy farms can be an inexpensive way to get beef in your freezer. This post will go through how to find and raise healthy calves. Before you buy: If you read no further in this article, remember that the single most important thing that you can do to make sure that […]

Using Global Vet Link

Accessing Coggins and Health Certificates Using Global Vet Link Look in your inbox for an email from no-reply@globalvetlink that has the subject line “Clinic Alison Cornwall DMV has granted certificate access.” Click on the link in the email and you will be directed to the Global Vet Link site where your email address will be […]

Horse Show Biosecurity

Horse show season has arrived!! Here are some questions and answers that will help get you thinking about how to keep your show horses safe this year. While health begins at your annual visit as you discuss vaccination with your veterinarian, your actions while at shows can be paramount in protecting your animals. In 2011, […]