Alison Cornwall, MS, DVM

My husband, a native Vermonter, convinced me to move from California, where I am also licensed as a veterinarian, to Vermont in 2007. While I never expected to have my ponytail and clothes literally freeze to the ground during a calving in March (what?!? March? Isn’t it warm and sunny by then?), Vermont and the wonderful people here have caught my heart and I have come to love this unique state. Vermont is filled with gems like all the wonderful people who make up the local food and products markets, the farmers who have been here for generations, and the strong community ties that define villages and regions. It is a gift to be able to raise my children here and I hope that, over time, I can make a contribution to this area as well.

Before moving here I basked in the heat of the west. I grew up riding horses and raising sheep and goats in the heart of beef cattle country in the foothills of Northern California. I rode and drove light and draft horses for pleasure and show in many disciplines before playing polo as an undergraduate at Stanford University. Before becoming a veterinarian, I worked in the field as a technician with two fantastic veterinarians for three years and externed with several other veterinarians.

As a vet, I constantly strive to maintain exceptionally high standards of medicine and learn more every day. My practice philosophy is to be able to offer minimal services when that is all that a client can afford, but also the highest quality medicine when indicated and desired.

I love my job, and I keep on loving it as I learn more about medicine, animals, and people every day.

Sarah Spencer, DVM

Sarah was born and raised in Warren, Vt. She received her veterinary degree in 2008 and has been working on farms and traveling the world visiting farms and animal events since then.

She has particular interests in horse medicine and dentistry and herd management of cattle operations.

Sarah grew up raising sheep, horses, cattle, and pigs and is excited to be back in Vermont with her family after working abroad.

Tomalyn Johnson, Technician and Business Manager

Tomalyn is a native Vermonter who has ridden, showed, and owned horses all her life. Her start in science began after college when she managed a research lab before taking a break to have and raise her three children. She has also managed riding stables full and part time. The transition to veterinary technician and business manager seemed very natural. Tomalyn and her children are active in Pony Club and they all enjoy horses and the outdoors.

Robyn, Technician

Robyn grew up in Brandon, VT, enjoying her horse, dogs, cats, animals, and nature. She graduated Trinity college and UVM with degrees in Biology and Medical Technology. Her husband and she lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico for a number of years before moving back to Vermont in 1993. Since then they have lived in HInesburg where they raised two children. Robyn’s favorite pastimes are trail riding, raising a yearling filly, Violet, and doing pretty much anything horse- or dog-related. She also loves running, hiking, snow-machining, skiing, yoga, gardening, cooking, and eating.

Jenny Bryan, Intrepid Vet Tech

Jenny retired from her career as an engineer for the state a few years ago and was quickly Shanghaied into working as Alison’s tech.

Jenny has bred and ridden Fjord horses in Vermont for 30 years and has raised all a manner of farm animals for meat and eggs and fiber.

She is a passionate about land management and brings a lot of knowledge about small farms and pasture management to our clients.